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New Perspective Towards Tourism During the Pandemic

Tourism and travel suffered a lot from the pandemic but the new perspective towards tourism gives the industry the boost it needs.


This US Territory has Zero COVID-19 Cases!

COVID-19 cases in the United States have reached about 5.74M cases already. If you Google “COVID-19 cases in the USA,” the first thing that turns up in the results is a tabulated summary. This summary has an interactive filter, enabling a drop-down search so you can check any area of choice. I noticed that… Continue reading This US Territory has Zero COVID-19 Cases!

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UK: E-Scooters Could Disrupt Travel as We Know It – Expect the Car Industry to Fight Back

Does the road out of lockdown look like a motorway or a cycle path? With the UK government announcing a rental e-scooter trial in cities nationwide, it’s possible that the transport system we had before the pandemic will begin to look quite different from the one we had before.