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Hotels Replace Beds With Tables for Private Dining Experience

Having a private dinner prepared for you and your loved ones may sound like an out-of-reach luxurious lifestyle for some. But it is time to change perspectives as the new normal forces establishments and individuals to adapt.

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Feel the Staycation Vibes with These Hotel Virtual Tours (Part 1)

We all miss staycations and hotels. Yes, we all do. However, all our hotel adventures, including the accommodations and VIP treatments will have to wait  because of the current situation. So, we’ll have to make the most of the things we have access to, like the internet! We’ve shared with you a lot of virtual… Continue reading Feel the Staycation Vibes with These Hotel Virtual Tours (Part 1)

C&C Travel Hub - 3 of the Best Hotels with Underwater Rooms
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3 of the Best Hotels With Underwater Rooms

If you travel to unwind like most of us, choosing to stay in an underwater room would be ideal. For one thing, you get to enjoy the isolation from the busy city life. And for another, you get to sleep soundly with relaxing the sound of marine life swimming about.