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Why Locals Go Mushroom Hunting in Oregon Forests

With the restrictions and current situation brought about by the pandemic, mushroom hunting in the forests of Oregon start to gain traction.

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Feel the Staycation Vibes with These Hotel Virtual Tours (Part 2)

In 2011, about 21,000,000 hotel rooms across different nations served over 876,000,000 guests. That’s a lot of hotel rooms, and yes, a lot of guests! How do you think is 2020 fairing, so far?

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Have You Seen These Virtual Tours and VR Rides?

Amusement parks are parks that are more complicated, elaborate, and extravagant than your regular green city parks. This one has rides, concession stands, games, shows, and some even have 4D movie theaters in the compound.

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Get to Explore These Landmarks From Your Sofa (Part 2)

Landmarks are more than just a meeting point, a navigational tool, or a tourist attraction. Landmarks stand for stories that even locals pass down through different generations. It represents both the past and the present.

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Get to Explore These Landmarks From Your Sofa (Part 1)

Landmarks, together with skymarks and daymarks, primarily served as aids in navigation. Today, although it is still the main idea, landmarks are channels to bring knowledge about a place of destination to the travelers that come by to visit.

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Can’t Travel? Check Out These Museum Virtual Tours (Part 2)

First, a little trivia: The International Council of Museums says that in 202 countries there are more than 55,000 museums. The data was recorded back in their 2014 survey. Today, However, UNESCO estimates 95,000 museums all over the globe.

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Explore from Home via These Virtual Tours

For most of us, going out and about has been restricted to going out for essential purposes only, such as going to the grocery store, the bank, or maybe the pharmacy. Many countries have imposed travel bans or even required taking a CoViD-19 test with “Negative” as a result. For some, two negative results are… Continue reading Explore from Home via These Virtual Tours

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Here’s Why Glamping is the Way to Go

Glamping is the easy combination of the two words that define it—glamorous camping. And it is what it is; it is a modern version of traditional camping, but with less hassle. Photo by Amanda Klamrowski on With glamping, you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, which is definitely good for the brain. Spending time… Continue reading Here’s Why Glamping is the Way to Go

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Kawa Hot Baths Are Hot Right Now

It's almost summer and Kawa Hot Baths will only make this season hotter! Locally translated, "kawa" refers to a large flat cooking pan that slightly resembles a wok. Kawa Hot Baths are tourist attractions found in the Philippines, where you, as the name implies, bathe in a kawa. And yes, that's while the kawa sits… Continue reading Kawa Hot Baths Are Hot Right Now

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Hot Air Balloon Fest 2020: Back and Near the Metro

Twenty-six years ago, Philippines' very first hot air balloon festival was held in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. Since then, the iconic festival has been celebrated annually every second week of February, except for 2019. Last year, the hot air balloon festival, titled "A Weekend of Everything That Flies" was canceled due to issues with coordination… Continue reading Hot Air Balloon Fest 2020: Back and Near the Metro