C&C Travel Hub - Planning a road trip in a pandemic? 11 tips for before you leave, on the road and when you arrive (Photo: Christopher Crouzet / Unsplash)
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Planning a Road Trip During the Pandemic? 11 Tips for Before You Leave, While You’re on the Road, and When You Arrive

As restrictions ease around the country and the prospect of travel beckons, many of us will be planning road trips for the holiday season. To ensure your trip is memorable in the best rather than the worst way, here are some things you and your fellow travellers can do to reduce the risk of becoming infected with, or spreading, COVID on your trip.

C&C Travel Hub - Hagia Sophia, Turkey
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Hagia Sophia: Turning This Turkish Treasure Into a Mosque Is at Odds With Its UNESCO Status

The Hagia Sophia has just opened to receive Sunni Muslim worshippers for the first time since 1931. The decision to convert the building in Istanbul, Turkey from a museum back into a mosque has divided opinion. Many Turkish inhabitants commend the transformation while mostly secular Turkish inhabitants and much of the international community find it inconceivable.

C&C Travel Hub - Tourists to P.E.I. during COVID-19 find a familiar mix of hospitality and hostility
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Tourists to P.E.I. During COVID-19 Find a Familiar MIX of Hospitality and Hostility

P.E.I. has largely avoided COVID-19 so far and wants to keep that streak, and its citizens, alive. Even if plate-shaming conduct is thus understandable, it is especially striking given that the Island has long cultivated a reputation for being friendly and welcoming to visitors.

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UK: E-Scooters Could Disrupt Travel as We Know It – Expect the Car Industry to Fight Back

Does the road out of lockdown look like a motorway or a cycle path? With the UK government announcing a rental e-scooter trial in cities nationwide, it’s possible that the transport system we had before the pandemic will begin to look quite different from the one we had before.

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This Landscape Hotel Lets You Experience Nature Beyond Expectations

Aside from the kind people and the excellent public services, Sweden features its natural scenic sights and unique architecture. The fact that it’s one of the best places to see the northern lights puts the country in everyone’s bucket list. And sure, like any reasonable tourist, when you get there, you'll tend to stay in… Continue reading This Landscape Hotel Lets You Experience Nature Beyond Expectations