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I Have a US Passport, Where Can I Go?

Finally, 2020 has come to an end, and now, hopefully, we can get our lives back to normal as we cautiously make our way into 2021. For us here at C&C Travel Hub, a normal life is that of destinations, experiences, and memory making.

As I’m sure most of you feel the same, I’ve taken the liberty to compile a list of the international destinations that U.S. passport holders can now go to.

Albeit, there are certain guidelines and restrictions that must be followed at all times, but if these are followed, you will be welcomed in and your first adventure of 2021 can begin!

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Countries with No Restrictions

There are however, a few places that do NOT currently have any restrictions in place for U.S. citizens traveling to their country. United States passport holders are now allowed entry to the following countries, as per their respective U.S. Embassy.


Countries with Age Specific Guidelines and Restrictions

While the above countries are somewhat open, there are several countries that require one or all of the following; a completed Health Declaration Form, a traveler accommodation form, and a certificate of a negative RT-PCR coronavirus test taken within72 hours and up to seven days prior to arrival, depending on the traveler’s age.

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Below are the countries along with the age requirements. Please check the CDC website for additional information.


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As always, we strongly suggest to check the CDC website for any updates on travel restrictions. And please, always follow the appropriate guidelines when planning your international travels to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Happy travels!

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