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Top 10 Seattle Space Needle Quick Facts

Washington has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist attractions, most of which are nature parks with scenic landscapes. However, the state’s cityscapes deserve some attention, as well. Seattle’s skyline, for example, even includes the state’s most visited tourist attraction, the Seattle Space Needle.

This tourist attraction not only has a viewing deck but also a restaurant and a shop to satisfy a tourist’s itinerary.

Space Needle | C&C Travel Hub
(Photo: AGDProductions / Pixabay)

Seattle Space Needle Quick Facts

  1. Architecture. The Seattle Space Needle stands at 605ft (184m) in height with the rotating restaurant and the observation deck at heights of 500ft (152m) and 520ft (158m) respectively.

    The 9550-ton structure has a foundation of 30ft (9m) deep. Other than through the elevators, visitors can access the viewing deck via the 848 steps that stretch from the base of the structure. The landmark was designed by John Graham.

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  1. World Fair Wonder. The famous observation tower was built in 400 days in time for the 1962 World Fair. It is now dubbed as “The 400-Day Wonder”.
  1. Built to Last. The Seattle Space Needle is built at double the standard building requirements to withstand strong winds of up to 320kph, and earthquakes of up to a 9.1 magnitude. It is also installed with 25 lightning rods to fend off lightning strikes. 
  1. 41 Seconds. It takes less than a minute to reach the top of the observation tower. The elevators run at 10mi/h (16kph), covering the full height of the needle.
  1. Skybeam. In 1999, during the celebration of the new Millennium, the Skybeam or Legacy Light shone at 85M candela lamps from the tower. The Skybeam is shone on special occasions and holidays up to the present.
  1. The Venue. The historic landmark is the place to be for many celebrations. It has been the venue for many firework launches and parties. It has also been painted in honor of events such as the “galaxy gold” color for the tower’s 50th year.

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  1. 46-Year Old Dirt. In 2008, the Space Needle was professionally cleaned for the very first time since the 1962 World Fair. This meant pressure washing the monument.
  1. 2 Parachute Jumpers Arrested. Since it opened, there have been only six parachute jumps from the Needle. Unfortunately for the two jumpers, legal consent is required to perform such activities.

Four Seasons Hotel, Seattle (WA), United States

  1. “Collapsed.” A Seattle comedy sketch show apologized the next day following the backfire of their prank in the form of a fake report that the tower collapsed. Locals took the fake news seriously causing a blocked emergency hotline.
  1. $1M. With an offer of a million dollars, the City of Fife attempted to buy the landmark with plans to move it to the said city.

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