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6 Montana Road Trip Plans with the Best Views

With all the sceneries all over Montana, locals and tourists alike are enthusiastic about making various road trip arrangements. A few of the famous tourist spots in Montana’s list are Glacier National Park, the Great Plains, and the Rocky Mountains.

Road Trip - C&C Travel Hub
Road Trip View at Glacier National Park, Montana (Photo: David Mark / Pixabay)

Montana Road Trip Suggestions

Beartooth Highway. Get to feel like standing on top of the world at Yellowstone’s Beartooth Highway. Being the Northern Rockies’ highest elevation highway, road trippers of Beartooth Highway are rewarded with views of snow caps, alpine lakes, glaciers, lush forests, grizzly bears, and mountain goats.

Skalkaho Highway. Memorial Day Weekend to November is the right timing to head on to Skalkaho Highway.

The twisting 54-mile gravel roads through the Sapphire Mountains are perfect for the adventurous and the thrill-seekers. Sceneries and views include Skalkaho Falls, Skalkaho Pass, and the surrounding wildlife area.


Glendive to Billings Route. A treat for dinosaur lovers and history enthusiasts is waiting in Southeast Montana. Drive through Montana Dinosaur Trail for a trip to Montana’s largest state park, Makoshika State Park. Schedule road trips through this route during the summer to visit the Frontier Gateway Museum.

Ennis to the Centennial Valley. The route starting at the fly-fishing club of Ennis and ends the Centennial Valley is the one for wide-open space lovers. With so few changes along the route, it is a good idea for road trippers to first purchase their supplies, especially gas, as there is very little service on the route.

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Bainville to Malta. The Missouri River Country route includes part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Route. Get a view of both Milk and Missouri Rivers, as well as the Fort Peck Reservation, and a few historic towns. During the summer, the Pioneer’s Pride Museum is open to visitors. 


River Road Along the Milk River. Although this route is only five miles in length, the paleontological and geological points of interest make it worth exploring.

Scenic views include Central Montana badlands and the Milk River. Although the lands around the river road are privately owned, hiking and launching canoes and boats are allowed.

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