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New Perspective Towards Tourism During the Pandemic

There is no denying that the year 2020 came with challenges. With the pandemic being the year’s major worldwide concern, restrictions have been imposed to carry out safety protocols to prevent the spread of the deadly disease, COVID-19.

Border control and travel bans may be heavy blows to the travel industry but as it turns out, these pandemic restrictions paved the way to a new perspective towards tourism and travel.

Photo: Anna Shvets / Pexels

The New Perspective Towards Tourism

  1. Over-tourism Ends. One of the restrictions imposed during the pandemic is traveling. Whether international or domestic travels, the peak of the pandemic has rendered most tourist spots barren.

Later, however, tourist spots slowly eased back to operations with strict restrictions. Although these tourist spots were not the bustling and busy venues as they were, the allowed capacity still reassured that these tourist destinations are continuously appreciated.

In essence, major tourist spots which have been over crowded for the past decades now have visitors counts which are more manageable.

  1. Appreciation of Domestic Destinations. Because most places have imposed a ban on tourists and visitors, local travel destinations started to gear up for their own citizens. For locals, the travel restrictions have given them the chance to finally be free to appreciate their town assets without having to fight their way through a crowd of tourists.

  2. Affordable Deals. As more hotels went back to operations, a handful started offering deals that most locals won’t be able to ignore. Discounts ranging from 5 to 40 percent became a common opportunity around websites. Some would even go as far as half-off rooms or free accommodations.

    This strategy curbed some of the losses from the industry. With the imposed protocols and restrictions, more hotels would be opening for the coming months.

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  1. Longer Vacations. When Cities started opening up, a new perspective towards tourism started to emerge. Tourists started booking staycations and vacations for a longer period of time.

    Singing to the tune of “quality over quantity,” tourists see the value of taking in as much of the destination as they could, rather than the previous trend of weekend drive-and-drop trips.

The Bright Side

Aside from tourism, one important effect of the pandemic is the opportunity for Mother Nature to heal and bounce back to its luscious and abundant state. This has been documented and observed from many previously depleting forests and green spaces, which now are slowly getting back much of its greenery and biodiversity.

Yes, the pandemic has been a difficult, challenging, even a frustrating time, however, it won’t be the worst to appreciate the positive things as well.

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