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It’s Christmas in Ukraine and Spiders are Invited!

Christmas balls, tinsel, and lights that twinkle in a pattern or two — these are the typical ornaments that dangle down the branches of a Christmas tree. However, although this set up may be traditional or default for most places, Christmas in Ukraine looks a little bit different.

Christmas in Ukraine

Before heading to Ukraine for the Christmas season, be sure to have your fears in check. If you have a fear of spiders, just make sure to steer clear of Christmas trees.

On the other hand, if you’re quite fond of spiders and spider webs or if these things don’t bother you then check out some Ukrainian Christmas trees.


Spiders on Christmas trees bring out the uniqueness of the Ukrainian culture and peaks the interest among tourists. 

Spider ornaments differ in size, color, and materials used. Some are made of gems and beads, while some are realistically 3D-printed. Whatever the case may be, a Ukrainian Christmas tree is not complete without a spider or spider web ornament.

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More Gifts and Luck

It is a tradition for the parents to hide a spider ornament in the Christmas tree. The first child to find it gets an extra present as a reward. It has also been said that decorating with spider-themed ornaments can bring good luck to the household.


This tradition started with a mother who wanted to have a beautiful Christmas tree for her children. As the poor family tended to the tree that could, later on, serve as their Christmas tree, they realized that given their financial situation, they would have a bare tree on Christmas morning.

This made the family sad. When the spiders heard of this, they came to the rescue. The family woke up happily surprised on Christmas day as their tree glistened with beautiful silky patterns woven for them by the spiders.

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