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Meet Krampus, Santa’s “Happy” Helper

Santa Claus giving out gifts to well-behaved children is the bargaining chip of parents from different parts of the world to get their kids to stay in line all year long. From stories and songs, naughty children get nothing. However, in some parts of the world, naughty children do get something and it’s a visit from the Krampus.

Santa, Reindeers, Some Elves… and a Krampus?

In places such as the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, and Germany, an ancient Austrian tradition holds naughty children accountable for their misbehaviors.

Folklores refer to scary Christmas demons, krampuses, that accompany a jolly Father Christmas in going through the naughty and nice list during the season.

Santa’s Krampuses have the responsibility to give naughty children what they “deserve” in place of presents on account of their misdeeds. That’s right, we’re talking about punishments such as a good scare, “kidnapping,” and whipping!


A Christmas Demon or a Krampus is a horned creature with thick fur, equipped with whips or birch branches for whipping children who are on Santa’s naughty list. Some have baskets on their backs for carrying overly naughty children straight to hell or to a river. What happens in the river is not some fishing, that’s for sure.

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Booking Krampuses

In some countries, parents are in on scaring their children. When an appointment to get a visit from a Krampus (obviously, someone in costume,) is set, Santa and his Christmas demon would go over to the house and read the names of the children in the list. 

Misbehaved ones get to hear about their wrong-doings for the year. The demon then drags the naughty children and whips them. 

Other towns host a Krampus Run on December 5 where a pack of krampuses would go around scaring people. Tourists are informed about this event in advance to avoid any misunderstanding.

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