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Top 5 Destinations to Bring in the New Year, Minus the Celebrations

The sand in 2020’s hourglass is running low, and most of us are thrilled to finally put an end to this extremely tumultuous year. With that being said, the anticipation of a better, freer 2021 couldn’t be more exciting.

In order to match the excitement and positive feelings that come with the end of a year that many will remember as the most difficult in decades, it’s only fitting that we highlight the top five most exciting places to ring in the new year.

However, with COVID still in swing, it’s wise to check travel restrictions and the countries’ respective guidelines before making any non-refundable purchases.

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With optimism and hope in our hearts, here are the Top 5 travel destinations to spend New Years.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Hogmanay is the Scot’s traditional 3-day party that typically begins on December 30 with torch carriers lining the streets from Royal Mile to Calton Hill, where an incredible fireworks display occurs.


Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, all activities have been canceled for this year. While the celebration may be lacking this year, we still recommend a trip to Scotland as Edinburgh is teeming with beautiful architecture and quant restaurants that are perfect for a sweet New Year holiday with your loved ones.

Hong Kong

There may be no better skyline on Earth than the one you find in Hong Kong. They also let off incredible fireworks down at Victoria Harbour accompanied by music and a choreographed laser light show.

Again, please check for guidelines and restrictions before traveling. But there’s good news for our British readers; Hong Kong is on the UK’s quarantine exemption list.

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So for those who would like to go, we suggest rooftop dining or booking a table at the Wooloomooloo Prime steakhouse in Tsim Sha Tsui, seeing as you’ll have an incredible view of the skyline from the 21st floor.


If fun in the sun, no matter the time of year is more your speed, we suggest heading to the enchanting island of Barbados. The beaches are pristine, the views of the crystal clear waters are mesmerizing, and it boasts the absolute perfect weather during this time.

Maybe a romantic getaway is just what you’re looking for this year.

Bangkok, Thailand

Known as the “Party Capital of Asia,” Bangkok may not immediately spring to mind for most when thinking about New Year travels. But let me assure you, Bangkok really knows how to ring in the new year.

Usually you can find live concerts, street performers, and of course, fireworks near CentralWorld Square, however, this year most of these will be canceled as well. But a leisurely stroll down the street will do nicely as you try famous street foods and really get a taste of this incredible culture.


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Finally, we bring you back to Europe and the ever-enchanting Ireland. The cozy bars and warm hospitality of the people will definitely make this a new year adventure you won’t soon forget.

Albeit, most traditional celebrations will not be happening, Ireland is one of those places that you should visit regardless. I mean, who doesn’t want to celebrate new beginnings with authentic Guinness and Jameson? I know I do.

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Home Sweet Home

Lastly we offer somewhat of an honorable mention on this list. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that the most important things in our lives are loved ones and of course freedom.

For me and my family, we will be staying home this year and really focusing on each other. I mean after all, we battled 2020 together, why not see it out together as well. 

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