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US National Park Service Releases 2021 Free-Admission Dates

In the United States, there are well over 400 national parks, protected lands, monuments, and other areas managed by the National Park Service. These sites are not only national treasures, but are also tourist attractions as well as popular destinations for domestic travelers and school groups. Out of these 400 plus sites, roughly 100 of them charge admission, which is usually around $35 per car.

These places span the entirety of the U.S. and can be found in as many as 36 states. From the Everglades of Florida to the epic Grand Canyon out west, millions of people experience these awe-inspiring locations every year, gladly paying the respective entry fees.


However, as some of you may already be aware, the NPS announces certain dates every year when these fees and admissions are waived. The numbers vary from year to year and can range to as few as four to as many as 16.

2021 however, has six dates. 

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I suggest downloading (if you haven’t already) and opening our free Dream. Schedule. Explore. Daily Planner and jotting down the following dates to better plan your next adventure.

Note, however, that on the following dates, all areas managed by the U.S. National Park Service are 100% free of charge for admission only. Some amenities such as camping sites, tours, or other services may still require full payment as they are mostly operated by independent owners, companies, or vendors.


With the ongoing pandemic, most travelers are opting for domestic locales with big, open spaces when adventuring. The NPS has seen an influx in visits to parks and other areas by domestic travelers throughout 2020. And 2021 is likely to experience the same trend. 

If you are considering visiting multiple sites this year, it may be more practical for you to purchase an America the Beautiful pass good for one year. This will usually cost you about $80 and is good for every location managed by the NPS across the country.

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Also, keep in mind that active duty military members, veterans, Gold Star families, seniors, those with disabilities and fourth-graders and their families are eligible for discounts or free passes all year round. Happy travels!

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