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A Bucket of Chicken is All You Need for a Japanese Christmas

While Christmas is a huge holiday in most parts of the world, there are places where it is not seen as a major holiday. As the holiday revolves around Christianity, non-Christian countries and communities do not share the same interest as a third of the world’s population. Take for instance the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Who would have thought that a bucket of chicken could mean Christmas in Japan?

A Bucket of Chicken for Christmas

With such a low percentage of Christians in Japan, Christmas does not have the same effect it has for Christian countries. Malls are not crowded, the season is focused on spending time with family instead of a religion-centered occasion, and there is no shortage in the supply of turkey!


That’s right, no crowds! Well, except for the world’s “finger-lickin’ good” chicken, KFC. The Japan-based branches of the food chain have been tending to long lines and advance orders every Christmas season for several decades now.

KFC Japan released a special holiday promotion that involves a bucket of chicken, cake, and some wine. Customers have been patronizing the idea since it first landed until it became a Christmas tradition.

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The Selling Point

Japan is not a Christian country. Yet, the crowd and the long lines outside KFC stores prove that people in the country still recognize the importance of Christmas.

The thought that even non-Christians respect the holiday became the foundation of KFC’s promo. Since non-Christians have different customs and beliefs, there is no point in putting so much energy into getting a turkey ready for Christmas eve. However, KFC’s promo item would do the trick!

Christmas in Japan, or anywhere else for that matter, is a celebration of family ties and togetherness. In the country, however, gathering over a bucket of chicken and spending time with their family became a much-anticipated tradition, even if it means waiting in line or putting down an order in advance.


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