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Hotels Replace Beds With Tables for Private Dining Experience

The continuing threat of COVID-19 has forced local and national government bodies to impose restrictions on group activities and events, even as simple as indoor dining at restaurants. However, hotels and restaurants are working together to continue serving customers. 

Out with the Beds and In with the Dining Sets

The Detroit Foundation Hotel has creatively converted 15 unbooked hotel rooms into dining rooms, which it now calls Dining Suites. It took out unused beds and replaced them with fine dining sets that could accommodate a maximum of six people. 

Like staying in a hotel room, a rental fee of $50 is charged to cover the cost of handling sanitizing the room. Think of it as room service, but without staying the night, as the Detroit Free Press puts it.

While some may question whether it violates the state’s ban on indoor dining, hotel general manager Phil Salud assures customers that it does not. Of course, the hotel management had to keep in mind its responsibility to follow COVID-19 restrictions.


“Hotels are allowed to use their room for indoor dining,” Salud said. “It is not in-restaurant dining. It’s a single-use, we are not turning tables in any of the suites.”

Food deliveries are contactless as well. Servers simply bring orders to the room, making the dining experience analogous to travel bubbles that are implemented in other countries. A limit of three hours stay is also in place, allowing customers to dine only from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. from Wednesdays to Sundays.

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Chef Thomas Lents, who oversees the dining menu, expressed how this is a great way to ‘escape’ your busy life and enjoy a meal with your loved ones. 

“For a few hours, you can get away from everything, have some great food and drink in a safe and private environment,” Lents said. “One day soon, we will all be able to gather together again, but right now we think this is a pretty great way to enjoy a holiday evening.”

Hotels and Restaurants Adapt to New Normal

In a similar setup in Philadelphia, the Walnut Street Cafe is working with AKA University City to serve a three-course meal in what they call the Walnut Suite Cafe.

In Minneapolis, the Hewing Hotel has done the same and moved beds out of rooms to make way for private dining arrangements.


The Eliot Hotel in Boston is used by in-house dining spot Uni, where they serve ramen and sushi, of course, accompanied by some relaxing music.

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And New York’s The NoMad offers their signature dishes featured in “The NoMad’s Feast” that they serve in private dining suites as well.

Having a private dinner prepared for you and your loved ones may sound like an out-of-reach luxurious lifestyle for some. But it is time to change perspectives as the new normal forces establishments and individuals to adapt.

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