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Help Your Favorite Healthcare Worker Win a Free Vacation

Nominate your favorite healthcare worker for a chance to win a free vacation, because we all know they deserve it.

While the world continues the fight against the pandemic, the US Virgin Islands is giving away vacations to frontliners and their families as the Department of Tourism recognizes how this year has been difficult for all of us, and would like to show gratitude to our healthcare workers. After all, they have been risking their lives all year in their dedication to save others.


Let’s Give Thanks!

“Let’s Give Thanks!” is the online competition set up by the USVI Department of Tourism that will recognize six healthcare workers who have catered exceptional service this year as the entire world fights COVID-19. Every month starting December 2020, one frontliner will be invited to have a beach staycation and enjoy the breathtaking views of America’s Caribbean Paradise.

How does it work?

The USVI Department of Tourism allows people to nominate a healthcare worker by uploading a one-minute video stating their name, the name of a frontliner, and a quick explanation of why their nominee deserves to win the vacation. Creativity is a plus, so it is recommended to align the videography with your nominee’s story.

A panel composed of healthcare workers and tourism-inclined employees residing in the USVI will review all entries and select the winners.

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Each winning healthcare worker can bring along with them up to four family members to stay at a resort or a hotel in the US Virgin Islands for three nights. They will be granted with an airline credit worth $500, plus land transportation for those who do not reside in the USVI.

However, there are some limits, such as only residents of the US and USVI are eligible to win, so remember to read all terms and conditions before submitting your entries here.

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