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Things to Remember When Gearing Up for Wine Country Adventures

It’s harvest time once again in vineyards all over wine country and road trips are on!

But before you step out of the house and drive off your property, make sure to have everything you need prepared.

First, check if your favorite vineyard is open for tours. As the restrictions are still on, most likely, some vineyards would have a limit to the number of persons on a tour. Call in to set an appointment or to confirm the availability of tours and accommodations.

Next, make sure you brought everything. Make hand sanitizers, and face masks part of your wardrobe.


Other items to bring include food such as cheese crackers, power banks, water, sunglasses, and maybe a hat. Of course, you should bring a big tote bag to fit all of these. Plus you might want to bring home some souvenirs like a basket of grapes and a couple bottles of wine, so yes, a tote bag is a good idea.

Third, make sure your shoes can take your weight the whole day. You will be walking around (carrying your big tote bag) so make sure your shoes are up to the task.

Fourth, identify which activities you would like to experience. There are many activities in vineyards including the tour to the vineyard itself, tour to the winery or their on-site wine museum if the vineyard has one, wine tasting, wine pairing workshop, harvesting of grapes, creating your own wine, and even painting with wine or maybe playing at wine casinos.


Some activities would need special items and it would be better to stay ahead and bring whatever you can that is important to the vineyard activity you are chasing.

Knowing which activity you would like to participate in also helps you identify how to dress for the occasion. That way, you will be comfortable your whole trip, and your tote bag won’t be full of clothes that you won’t wear for the trip.

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