Journey to a Land Called “Pumpkintown”

It’s fall season and you know what that means – every corner is gonna be pumpkin haven soon!

While Halloween is still over a month away, we could see orange, black, and purple decorations pop up one by one on streets, stoops, and yards.

Of course, decorating for Halloween is some sort of family tradition for most of us but that does not mean that fall has left us stationed on our yards. There are also places where we can go to keep up the pumpkin season spirit.


Just by East High Street in East Hampton, Connecticut, you’ll find a place called Pumpkintown USA. And while many attractions have canceled for 2020, Pumpkintown USA offers an alternative way to go about your fall season travels.

Although for the past years, Pumpkintown USA has offered an adventure around the “Village”, this year that venue will remain closed for the safety of the tourists or anyone who wishes to visit Pumpkintown USA. The “Village” in Pumpkintown USA is a small town or assembly that features Pumpkinhead people with pumpkins for heads and straw or hay for their bodies. In short, it’s a cozy village with scarecrows as occupants. Yes, that sounds amazing, however, as it is closed this year, Pumpkintown USA has organized another alternative adventure for families that still wished to visit Pumpkintown.

The Pumpkintown USA calls it “The Ride”, which is like a drive-through Pumpkintown Forest while viewing they’re adorable Pumpkinhead people.
It is a 1-mile scenic drive with more than 30 creative, silly, and funny, Pumpkinhead people just going about their daily lives.

Getting on that ride through Pumpkintown Forest gives you a chance to see where the Pumpkinhead children go to school and play.


You will also get to see what makes up the Pumpkinheads’ economy and how they go about businesses in the trading post, blacksmith shop, gold mine, and the ski slope.

And before you ask, let me tell you in advance that there are always treats that you can take as you drive through the Pumpkintown Forest, including pumpkin sippers, apple cider donuts, and of course, there’s buttered popcorn.

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