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Discover That Part of Town Called “Getaway”

Social distancing, contactless transactions, and facemasks: these have been the standards for everything since March 2020. As such, most vacations have been canceled, postponed, and reassessed.

However, as the safety protocols have been identified and established, many businesses have eased back into operations. Some hotels are now accepting guests but at a limited capacity. Naturally, tourists who are keen on getting back to their travel habits are on top of this.


Mostly, the reason is that being locked in our homes has blurred out the lines between rest and work. Luckily, a company called Getaway got us covered.

Getaway offers secluded cabins that are perfect for safe check-in and camping activities. Their outposts are located in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, Portland, and Washington.

This vacation is literally a getaway from our busy lives. The pandemic has unavoidably brought our work life into our homes. Restful weekends became tiring and overwhelming. Getaway’s solution to this scenario is spending more time in the woods, away from technology, work, and other people.


Their goal is for us to relax and do nothing. In fact, in their guidebook, #4 in their list of things to do is “sleep.” (Yes, it sounds even more wonderful than it already is.)

Because the cabins are far from the next one, guests can either stay inside their cabins the whole day, or breathe in the fresh air without having to wear facemasks. You can even make smores with the complimentary gift from the hosts and the private fire pits in each cabin.

Guests are not recommended to socialize if ever they ran into other wandering guests. To make the whole vacation totally contactless, even the check-in is contactless and any assistance from the crew Is made via phone call.


If you have a pet, bring them with you. If you want to have a vacation as a family, there are cabins for that too. If you want, you can leave your cellphones and gadgets in a locker to make sure you spend your time on vacation and not working remotely.

This is the vacation we have all been waiting for.

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