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Chug, Chug, Chug to Save the Rainforests

Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest has taken a turn for the worse. It was over a year ago when the internet was flooded with horrific pictures of the mighty rainforest burning down in wild forest fires. Flora and fauna alike were charred into ashes and hearts all over the world were broken at the sight of these images.

The sadder part is that it keeps happening, adding another crisis to 2020’s long list.


Still, groups are working together to keep Amazon deforestation from happening. If you are thinking that your beer-loving self would like to help out too, well, you can!

Get your beer mugs ready for the Colorado Amazônica.

Colorado Amazônica is brought to us by Ambev, a Brazilian brewer armed with the love for beer and the rainforest. Witbier or white beer is made with wheat. So, what makes this white beer so special?

Colorado Amazônica is made with babassu and pacoves, both from the forest of Amazon. Yep, instead of wheat, they used these ingredients which give the beer a unique taste. To add to that, the hint of lemon enhances the diverse flavors.


The unique white beer has low bitterness and is best enjoyed cold (2 to 6 degrees Celsius).

To make the Brazillian beer even more special, the babassu coconut flour mentioned earlier is produced only by traditional communities, which promotes the protection of the Amazonian territories.

So how does buying a 6-pack of Colorado Amazônica help at all? Well, all proceeds are to be diverted to efforts and organizations geared towards protecting or preserving the rainforest.


Right now, the special white beer is only available online. As for the pricing, the condition for buying Colorado Amazônica is that the price will continue to rise while deforestation is still afoot. This means that the price will be lower if deforestation is kept at bay.

Hopefully, when all the travel restrictions are gone, Colorado Amazônica would be available in physical shops too. So that when we are done checking out the Monumental Axis, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Alvorada Palace, we could go beer hunting down the streets of Brasilia.


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