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Have You Seen These Virtual Tours and VR Rides?

No need to scream at the top of your lungs, we know we all miss heading out to amusement parks. That’s why I compiled all the amusement park virtual tours that I can find. Yes, we can roam a few amusement parks via the internet. 

Amusement parks are parks that are more complicated, elaborate, and extravagant than your regular green city parks. This one has rides, concession stands, games, shows, and some even have 4D movie theaters in the compound.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Diagon Alley

Calling all Potterheads out there, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Diagon Alley is open for virtual tour exploration!

Legoland Florida

Take a tour around and above Legoland Florida, with attractions including LEGO Kingdoms, The LEGO Movie World, and you can even take a roller coaster ride strapped in your VR.


Disney World and Disneyland

When it comes to street views and 360-degree panoramas, Google is no slouch! Both Disney World and Disneyland walkthroughs via Google Street View are ready for viewing whenever you are.

Flamingo Land Resort

Let the power of your bandwidth take you to Yorkshire, England where you can explore a theme park, a zoo, and a resort, all in one! Visit Flamingo Land Resort through their virtual tour and interactive map.


Busch Gardens

Roller coaster ride, you say? Grab your VR headsets, I am only going to say this once: HERE WE GO!!!

Cedar Point

Got any DIY cardboard VR viewers? Download Cedar Point VR on your iOS and Android devices for that roller coaster experience.


That’s a lot of VR rides! However, if you don’t have VR glasses or VR headsets, it could be a little less enjoyable. No worries, you can make one yourself so you can fully enjoy these VR videos! Here’s a video on how to make our own “VR headset at Home.” 

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