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Feel the Staycation Vibes with These Hotel Virtual Tours (Part 1)

We all miss staycations and hotels. Yes, we all do. However, all our hotel adventures, including the accommodations and VIP treatments will have to wait  because of the current situation. So, we’ll have to make the most of the things we have access to, like the internet!

We’ve shared with you a lot of virtual tours and 360-degree panoramas, including those of theme parks, museums, and landmarks. This time, let’s check out the hotel virtual tours.

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NH Hotel Group

Of course, we would love to take a peek at the leading urban hotel in Europe and America! Take in the glamorous designer interiors of the NH Hotel Group from Nhow Berlin, Nhow Rotterdam, NH Málaga, NH Collection Piazza Carlina, and many others.

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

If your VR headset supports the Oculus platform, check out  Shangri-La’s 360-degree videos, featuring their Ulaanbaatar, Lhasa, Kowloon, and Tokyo locations.


Atlantis The Palm

Who wouldn’t be in the mood to see the palatial rooms of Atlantis The Palm, Dubai? Check out their first-person virtual tour video and get to be on both sides of their aquariums.

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Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel

This virtual tour shows off the best features that Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel has in store for their guests. Sit back and relax while the tour guide tells you more about the property. You can even have a look around while the video is playing by clicking on the pan tool at the upper left part of the video or simply drag through the screen. If you are viewing via mobile device, simply swipe to move the view around while the video is playing.


Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa

Check out one of South Africa’s top-performing hotels, Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa. The general manager will guide you through the tour showing you spacious lounges, and magnificent views. You can pan through this virtual tour as well.

There are a lot more hotels with virtual tours that will surely peak your interests and scratch that hotel staycation itch—but we’ll tell you more about that later! TTFN!

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