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Can’t Travel? Check Out These Museum Virtual Tours (Part 1)

We heard you were looking for the links to the many, many virtual tours because, let’s face it, the best thing we can do is stay at home for now.

Okay, I can do that for you. For the next few days, I’ll be listing down the links for all the virtual tours that I can find. I’ll give you a brief description and if you wish to take the tour, just click on the tour name. 

Let’s start with museums, shall we?

Museums are institutional buildings that curate items of value to various fields including but not limited to history, art, sciences, crafts, and many more. Museums are often open to the public and, at times, serve as a reference for researchers.


The Louvre

Known as the largest art museum in the world, The Louvre in Paris houses about 380,000 artworks with about 35,0000 on display.


National Gallery of Art

USA’s National Gallery of Art website has three virtual tours namely the galleries of Raphael, Degas, and True to Nature. To add more joy, their collections on view are available for jpeg download!


Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The museum itself may be temporarily closed but its six virtual tours are ready to go whenever you are!


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York’s famous “The Met” curates over two million art pieces including the works of Van Gogh among many other artists. The virtual tours “Met 360 Projects can be viewed via YouTube or directly from the museum’s website.


The Dalí Theatre-Museum

Salvador Dalí is one of my personal favorites. You might have seen his iconic upward mustache on the masks in Netflix’s Money Heist. I think the reason behind their masks is rooted in Dalí being a surrealist artist.


The Vatican Museums

Yes, “museums” —the Vatican has a LOT! Their virtual tours include museums, halls, galleries, and chapels.

Wow, that’s overwhelming! Let’s take a break and we’ll continue to Part 2.

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