5 New York Coffee Places Open for Takeout

New York has always been a buzzing city. With the busy lifestyle and the daily grind of work and errands, what else can we expect? Even now that there are restrictions, the streets of New York are still surprisingly very busy.

Although there isn’t much that we can do but to power through the stress of the current situation, there are still things that we could look forward to‒ like coffee!


Yes, there are a few coffee places that are now open for takeout! Awesome!

First, a quick rundown of the benefits of coffee. Sifting through the many‒ many wellness websites, coffee is brewing with benefits! (See what I did there?)


The long list of coffee benefits include detoxifying your body, keeping you alert and awake, longevity, lower risk of colon cancer, gallstones, and skin cancer, less muscle fatigue and pain, good for the heart, and it tastes good! 

Still, with all these benefits, moderation is always key. That is why when you’ve already had your daily dose of brew from these shops, just come back for more or maybe have them delivered the next day. 

Blue Bottle Coffee 

Blue Bottle Coffee US branches are open for takeaway, including the one by New York’s Rockefeller Center.


Charley St

Over at Kenmare st, Charley St is open to serve you with coffee and breakfast. (Oh my, that avocado toast!)


Brooklyn Roasting Company

If you won’t be able to order up every day, you can pick up a tin of coffee grounds at Brooklyn Roasting Company over at Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn.


Partners Coffee

Also in Brooklyn, Partners Coffee not only offers pick-up, take out, and delivery, they are also open for alfresco dining.

Two Hands 

If you want table service, Two Hands is up for it! Just head on over to their Williamsburg branch down Kent Ave.

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Many other coffee shops are also open to cater to your morning buzz needs. Most of them are probably limited to takeaway service but you can check their social media announcements first before marching down the street.

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