C&C Travel Hub - 3 Places to Visit on Mamba Week

3 Places to Visit on Mamba Week

To the court, Black Mamba is another moniker for the one only Kobe Bryant. The basketball superstar is one of the most decorated players of all time. His performance in the court and all the charity events behind his name is just the tip of the iceberg as to what a testament the man is.

Yes, it’s his birthday, then it’s Black Mamba Day—heck, it’s MAMBA WEEK!


Kobe was born August 23rd and the date 8-24 is formed when putting his jerseys side by side. This week is honored all over the world by his fans in different ways. And yes, all over the world. I think it is not only the man but the inspiration he represents. And so, it saddened the whole world when we lost him the first month this year.

As a tribute, some have put up murals, others made posters, some even showed off their Mamba Mentality merchandise!


So putting our flavor to honor his memories, let us check out a few Mamba places!

First stop, I think everyone agrees with Kobe about Disneyland. More than being the most magical place in the world, Disneyland has long been the venue for celebrating family and togetherness.

The next stop is the El Camino Real Mexican Restaurant in Fullerton, California. Kobe’s favorite meal is being sold right in this restaurant. So order up a Tostada with Carne Asada, a plate of Carnitas, and some Melon Aqua Fresca Water! (Oh and guess what ‒ although it’s only for takeaway, they are open even during the pandemic! Let’s go!)


Third, we all know about the beer run story that Kobe shared with Jimmy Fallon. While we won’t be able to take home beer the way Kobe did, there is a brewpub that crafted a beverage in honor of the late basketball superstar. HopSaint Brewing Company calls it Mamba Mentality DIPA. (What more can I say but ‒ Chug! Chug! Chug!)

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