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Planning a Road Trip Down GRIMM Lane

So I heard some rumors going around that there will be a revamp or maybe a spinoff of the series GRIMM. Naturally, I instantly got excited and went online to look for any clues.

It turns out that the news about a possible spinoff has been going around for two years now, and I gotta tell you, I have no excuses for having just heard about it! ‘Guess I have been living under a rock!


Anyway, I felt like celebrating and what better way to celebrate than having a road trip with a GRIMM theme!


Road Trip Plan: Portland

Why a road trip? With the current situation, a road trip sounds like the most reasonable way to keep exploring the world. As they say, “slow down but never stop”. And so, even if we (the world) are currently in a battle against the pandemic, and virtually everything is limited, I figured we can still take our cars out and drive around.

I think the important point here is to use personal vehicles and keep our road trip participants within our domestic circle only, and avoid contact with other people as much as possible. For those who have an RV or a trailer, we all want to be you, right now!

The first step is to research! Since we are still doing our best to minimize the time spent outside our homes, it is best to have your road trip itinerary all mapped out before driving off your lot.

Google maps and street view are two of the important tools you can use.

Screenshot from Google Maps with notes by C&C Travel Hub. (We got you started with this one, you can fill it in with the other locations!)

From our search, most of the exterior scenes were filmed on the streets of Portland. The interior scenes, however, were filmed in the series’ sound stage.


So, keep your road trip to what it is: a road trip! Avoid knocking on these houses for pictures because chances are, the people who own these places need their privacy too.

Some of the buildings, establishments, or houses that are free to view (from afar) are Juliette and Nick’s house, Portland Police Precinct, Rosalee’s Exotic Spice and Teas Shop, and Monroe’s house.

There are other sites as well such as Multnomah Falls, St. John’s Bridge, Lovejoy Fountain Park, and Mt. Tabor Park.

Comment down below if you remember which episodes have these places on the scene.

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