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6 Safety Tips for Going Out of the House During the Pandemic

Health and safety protocols have been issued, not only in the United States but all over the world as the COVID-19 crisis turned into a pandemic. These protocols include wearing face masks, frequent sanitizing, social distancing, and of course, staying at home.

However, not all of us can stay at home all the time. Some have jobs that just can’t be done via the internet. Some don’t have the time to cook as work from home hours have gone longer. Some needed to get to the grocery to stock their pantries.

Understandably, the situation varies for every individual. Still, there are safety measures that can be done as we go to work or run our errands.


  • Road and Mass Transit Access

As some places may have restricted transit operations, make sure you are informed about the mass transit or the availability of roads nearest our home or job. Luckily, most updates are on twitter, for example, Boston MA DOT updates their twitter feed frequently. If mass transit is not available in your area, opt for using a private vehicle or a bike!

  • Al Fresco or To-Go

It could be difficult to resist the temptation of dining in a cozy, well-lighted, fancy restaurant. However, it is recommended to take your food home if no al fresco (outdoor) dining is available. Either way, make sure your chosen restaurants are following safety protocols.

  • Hotel Sanitation

Some jobs demand to travel. If you don’t have a trailer, chances are a hotel room is your best bet. When looking for hotels, make sure that health and safety protocols are not only followed but if possible, also surpassed. Most hotels are now using UV to sanitize their rooms.

  • Do Not Disturb!

While the hotel management is mandated to make sure that their staff is all healthy and observing safety protocols, it is recommended to forget about housekeeping for now. The idea is to have less contact with other people.

  • Essentials Check

For running to the supermarket or any other trip around or outside the town, make sure you bring with you sanitizers to keep our hands free from germs and viruses. Gloves are not recommended as it only facilitates the spread of germs from one surface to another. And of course, wear your mask!

  • Park Ventures

Some people go to parks to exercise, to hike, explore, and other activities. Before heading over to your next adventure, make sure that your chosen park is open. As always, twitter or Instagram accounts are reliable most of the time.

The whole idea here is to minimize the spread of the virus. That being said, less movement and less contact means less transmission. So, as much as possible minimize the time spent outside your homes.

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