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All the Sights, All the Fun: It’s Yellowstone National Park

First national park in the U.S., the first national park in the world, and was later proclaimed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites—yep, you’ve guessed it right, it’s Yellowstone National Park.

Most of Yellowstone National Park can be found in Wyoming but it extends all the way to Montana and Idaho. So, if ever you’re in one of these places, you know what to do.

You might be a little skeptical. After all, what’s in a park but mowed grass, manicured trees, and fountains with a light show, right? Well, not this park.


Yellowstone National Park doesn’t have mowed grass and manicured trees. Instead, it has a vast and lush landscape where wildlife is free to roam.

This first-ever national park doesn’t have complicated fountains adorned with choreographed light shows. Instead, it has geysers.


Is it getting confusing? Is this really a park? Well, it is a national park, which means its purpose is to conserve and preserve. In this case, it’s the protection of natural flora, fauna, hydrothermal, and geological features.

With all of these going on, are there fun things to do at Yellowstone National Park at all? YOU BET!

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You can spend time in Yellowstone National Park in many ways. You can explore, learn, relax, fish, set out a boat, and even take a dip!

Yellowstone National Park is one destination that you would want to explore, trust me! You can hike a trail, watch wildlife, snap some photos, ride your bike out in the park, and even ride a horse!


Or, you can also choose to just kick back and relax. In Yellowstone National Park, you can spend a night in one of the park’s campgrounds– there are 12, by the way– not to mention the 300 backcountry campsites! If picnics are your thing, the park has 52 areas for family fun picnics.

There are also sites for fishing, boating, and even swimming!

Finally, if you wish to learn more, there are guided tours that will take you safely around and through the park. If you’re up for it, you can even join a park ranger.

What about winter, you say? Well, there’s skiing, snowshoeing, riding snowmobiles, and winter backcountry camping. Yes, yes, I won’t keep you any longer!


You can visit Yellowstone National Park without worries, just download their app on your android or iOS phones. It has all the bells and whistles, including an interactive offline map. Cool, huh?

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