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What is Sustainable Tourism?

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Sure, we’re all probably stuck at home right now. But we have to admit, we’re all thinking about that time when we will be able to travel again. And while we’re at it, we might as well aim to do it responsibly.

Sustainable tourism is a way of expressing respect and responsibility while traveling. And while this may come as common sense to some people, its idea is apparently not that common.

With traveling becoming a popular choice of hobby and mode of releasing stress, most people have forgotten about its real essence. Aside from being able to have a much-awaited vacation, people travel to get to know a place and its culture, environment, and people. 


What is sustainable tourism and how is it different from what everyone is doing?

Sustainable tourism is a way of traveling while preserving the true nature of a place and its culture, environment, and people. Opposite to what most people engage with, sustainable tourism focuses on the culture rather than the economic side of traveling. 


Mass tourism is more popular than sustainable tourism. Here, people participate in cruises, hotel tour packages, and giant beach or pool parties. And companies that hold these belong to an industry mostly focused on generating income. This pushes culture, environment, and people off the top of the priority list.

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