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The Most Popular Travel Destinations in Japan (Pt. 1)

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Are you planning a trip for when the world reopens? These incredible places in Japan are perfect for IG-worthy pics, travel bloggers, foodies, and backpackers!

1. Asakusa, the Symbol of Japanese Tourism

Expect to see lots of tourists at this highly sought out destination. The 1400-year-old Sensoji Temple is visited by 30 million people a year and is considered the symbol of Tokyo. There are plenty of IG worthy areas for those much needed selfies!

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2. Tokyo Station, The Center of Travel

Eight years ago, in 2012, the station was renovated and now reflects the traditional look of which it boasted more than 100 years ago. This too is a place many tourists like to explore as you can enjoy the ancient Japanese architecture and picture taking opportunities are endless! You can also enjoy shopping inside of many buildings such “Marubiru”, “Shinmarubiru” and “KITTE” in Marunouchi.


3. Yurakucho, the Business District with Bars Under the Railroad Track!

This lively area is one of Tokyo’s most visited places. It is located right beside Tokyo Station and offers shopping as well as direct access to Ginza. However, before you make the move to another destination, you must check out the bars under the tracks! 

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Arakura—The nearest from Chureito Pagoda—Fujikawaguchiko, Japan


3. Shibuya & Harajuku, for Fashion Lovers

This area has become the fashion hub for young people. While it may seem crowded, a quick visit is well worth your time. Don’t forget to have your camera ready!

Enjoy this view from your room at the Highland Resort Hotel and Spa, Fujikawaguchiko, Japan


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5. Akihabara, the Place to Go for Anime and Electronics

After anime and manga became a worldwide phenomenon, Akihabara became a world famous destination for travelers. Here you can also find wholesale electronics and appliances. However, the most enticing feature of Akihabara is the maid bars. You’ll have to go just to relax during your travels.

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Tune in this week for our next installation of Japan’s most attractive places!

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