The A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs: Ta for T-Shirts

Often, souvenirs are a way to make a statement, an advertisement, or an invitation for more people to come over and visit. At times it is like a preview of what we could expect once we get there. 

Just look at those guitars painted with palm trees and a sunset view for example. Doesn’t that just remind you of the beaches in Palawan, Pangasinan, Baler, or maybe Boracay?

How about we check out some souvenir T-shirts for this issue of the A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs series? Sounds good, right?


Ta for T-Shirt

Well, the Tagalog term is “baro” but locals are used to using the word “T-Shirt” in their normal day to day conversations. T-shirts as souvenirs are pretty common and easy to find. Sometimes when you rummage through the mall, you’ll even find shirts from other cities! (Still, it feels more authentic if you buy it from the real place, right?)

T-shirts as souvenirs from travel destinations are among the fast-selling merchandise from souvenir shops. Why not when it is something that you can wear anytime and anywhere?


The best part of having T-shirts printed with the chunky typeface of a locale is the feeling of wearing a piece of art.

Think about it. T-shirt souvenirs would typically have the name of the city which is superimposed on a bunch of doodles that, in turn, show the salient points of the place.

I see it as a way to inform other people about the exciting views, landmarks, itineraries, and food from a certain tourist destination.


For example, if it is your first time seeing a shirt such as this one below, you’ll be curious why a Tagaytay shirt would have a wild boar doodle on it. This curiosity would of course lead to being convinced to put Tagaytay on your list of places to visit.

(Are you as curious as I am about the wild boar doodle?)

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