The A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs: Ra for Rattan

Souvenirs from the Philippines are usually made from raw materials that are abundant in the country. Such resources, combined with the creativity of the Filipino crafters have proven to be a productive tandem for generations.

Keeping our A Ba Ka of the Philippine Souvenirs series going, we’ll check out the wonderful souvenirs made out of rattan.


Ra for Rattan

The rattan is one of the many versatile raw materials that can be found in the tropical country of the Philippines. This is why every time you go handicraft store hopping in your Philippine travels, you will see rattan products left and right.

Still, even if you go hopping from one handicraft store to another, you’ll find that the available rattan products differ even if the stores are just a step away from the next ones.

This is most probably because of factors such as the versatility of the rattan as a crafting material and the artisan’s mastery of the craft. Once the crafters are well-versed in the properties of any raw material, such as the rattan, I am betting that their idea bulbs are just turned on 24/7!


So where do we go to find rattan products to take home? Easy! Just get to the nearest handicraft store, souvenir shop, marketplace, and it is even available in most malls in the Philippines. 

If jumping around from one handicraft store to another is not in your itinerary, you can even have them delivered, especially if you are staying over for a few days. (Yes, some shops can do that for you; it’s more fun in the Philippines!)


There is a long list of rattan merchandise but never have I seen a souvenir shop that doesn’t have a display of rattan bags and purses. These rattan bags even come in various styles. (As promised: creativity!)

Some tourists who brought their vehicles even take home rattan furniture. Why not, right?

Other rattan products include coasters and placemats.

If you’re around Lapu-Lapu City, maybe you can take some of these rattan earrings home to your squad!


There are a lot more rattan products to go through but creativity doesn’t end there. As I have always said, the creativity of the Filipino people is as endless as their imagination.

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