The A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs: Pa for Perlas

It was 2006 when the biggest natural clam pearl in the world was found in the Philippines. For 10 years, it lay quiet under the bed of the fisherman who found it until he decided it was time to have the 34kg pearl checked out.

The Pa article for the A Ba Ka of the Philippine Souvenirs series is all about pearls.


Pa for Perlas

“Perlas,” the Filipino term for “pearl,” is one of the most valuable natural resources of the country. In essence, the Philippines has long been known as the Pearl of the Orient or Pearl of the Orient Seas.

While news such as finding the biggest pearl in the Philippines could either be a little intimidating or very exciting for pearl-loving tourists, there are many ways that we can take home pearls from the Philippines.


If you are looking for pearl souvenirs in the Philippines, malls and specialty stores can provide you with a wide variety of authentic natural or cultured pearl items. 


Of course, jewelry tops the long list of pearl souvenirs from the country. Pearl jewelry from the Philippines include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Other accessories made beautifully elegant by Philippine pearls include brooches, hairpins, and other hair accessories.


While on the subject of pearls, let’s look at the “mother of pearl,” which is made of the same material. It is an strong inner layer that some mollusks produce.

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The souvenir items made out of mother of pearl are countless. “The sky’s the limit,” as they say when it comes to imagination. Thus, the many types of mother of pearl souvenirs fueled by the locals’ limitless imagination can be easily purchased from market places and handicraft stores in areas near Philippine waters.

With the imagination and innovation of Filipino artisans, the variety of pearl items only keep on improving. It may be difficult to make a choice but one thing is for sure: the best way to commemorate traveling to the Pearl of the Orient Seas is by taking a pearl item home with you. (Let’s be clear here: purchase it!)

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