C&C Travel Hub - 5 Travel Photography Tips
Travel 101: Tips and Tricks

5 Fundamental Travel Photography Tips

#3 Choose the Right Lenses

Bringing the correct lenses with you will reflect a great difference. This decision will either help you or serve the opposite when you travel. 

If you can only select one type, opt for a fast zoom, such as an 18-200mm or 28-300mm. If you would prefer a wider type, consider using a prime portrait lens or a wide-angle lens.

Since you can never be sure about how far your focus is before actually traveling, a variable focal length lens that starts with a healthy wide-angle is ideally the right choice.


#4 Conduct Your Research

Most people think that this is unnecessary, but do not be fooled by the herd. Conducting proper research before going anywhere will give you an idea of what you’ll see and, of course, what kind of photos you’ll want to take. 

Before even booking a flight and your accommodation, look for some inspirational events, festivities, and attractions. Of course, one of the best reasons to travel is getting to know a place’s culture and tradition. And capturing these in photographs would be an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.


#5 Take Down Notes

What completes a great photo is a great caption. Every night, as you go through your photos—as we’re sure you’ll do—take down notes on the location, the tradition, or whatever you want your photos to showcase. 

Although this is best for documentaries, your Instagram page deserves it too!

Whether you do it for the gram, or for a living, or maybe for your love of travel, photos are the best way to bring home those memories.

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