The A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs: O for Orchid

Festivals are often inspired by a shared interest of the locals on a certain product. Of course, with festivals come souvenirs to commemorate such events.

Moving forward with our A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs series, we are now at the letter “o”.


O for Orchid

Orchidariums or orchidaria (yes, those are the plural forms of orchidarium) dart the country from Luzon, Visayas, and to Mindanao. This isn’t a surprise as the tropical climate in the Philippines is favorable to plants such as orchids.

Some of the well-known orchidariums are those found in Bulacan, Baguio, Quirino, Davao, and Quezon City (Metro Manila). 


I have recently found out that the Philippines celebrates the Orchid Festival around August and September. Incidentally, this is when the waling-waling blooms.

The waling-waling has long been dubbed as the “queen of all orchids.” For some, the waling-waling is the “queen of Philippine flowers.”


And so, when you visit the Quezon City Memorial Circle during the Orchid Festival, expect to be amazed and in awe of the colors, fragrances, and the wonderful sights that will welcome you.

However, the inspiring display of orchids in the Memorial Circle is not the only thing to watch out for. The Philippine Orchid Society always makes sure that enthusiasts and explorers make the most of their visit.

The organization usually arranges lectures and booths to promote knowledge and interest towards Philippine orchids and every year, this event is met with blooming success! (Yes, I went there.)


During the orchid festival, it would not feel right if you didn’t take home one or a couple of orchids. But if it isn’t possible for you to bring home a live orchid, you can take home other orchid themed items.

The Philippine Orchid Society has published Orchid Species of the Philippines Volume 1, so if you won’t be able to safely transport live orchids, you can take home a copy of their book instead.

If you want something in the line of accessories, you will find orchid themed bags and wallets in malls and handicraft stores.

Although we are still waiting for announcements about the next orchid festival, I am sure we are all very excited! 


So for now, check out the heels on these slip-ons!

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