The A Ba Ka of Philppine Souvenirs: Ha for Habi

Coins, I have lots of coins! They jingle and they are just everywhere in my purse–well, at least until I went to the nearest handicraft shop and bought a colorful purse of traditionally woven fabric! Continuing our A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs series let’s talk about handloom-woven fabric.


Ha for Habi

“Habi” is the Filipino term for the word “weave”. It is one of the most intricate crafts that reflects the Filipino’s passion for culture while demonstrating products of hard work and patience.

Believe it or not, weaving in the Philippines doesn’t only rely on industrial and modern machinery. In truth, even today, many take pride in traditional weaving with the use of a handloom.

Yes, the big wooden one with the complicated parts and a person would sit or stand while sliding a thread-towing wooden shuttle back and forth. 


Creative and colorful patterns are being produced from across the Philippines with the use of handlooms and the best part of it is that these woven tapestries vary in color and character. Sounds like a good collectible, don’t you think?

Fantastic Woven Souvenirs and Where to Find Them. (Ha! I just had a laugh-at-my-own-joke moment there!)


Thanks to the creativity of the locals, woven fabric is now sold in the form of countless products. If you head on over to handicraft shops or the marketplace of your destination, you’ll find a wide range of woven merchandise.

If you are in the highlands like Baguio and La Trinidad, you will find gorgeous sling bags with tassels and colorful purses for coins. The Ilocanos are fond of incorporating a traditional weave into modern clothing.

Manila has woven pina cloth and is often sold as formal wear. Zamboanga has a #beagiverph program where proceeds are donated to those in need for every purchase of a bag made of yakan fabric.

There are many souvenirs made of woven fabric available in per locale all over the Philippines — from purses to bags, and clothing to tapestry. All that’s left to do is decide which one to take home — or maybe two… or three — bah! Just take them all!


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