My Search for Creative Workshops Around the World: Weta Tours Workshop

By now, our travel lists have gone longer, more prospect destinations have been added to our checklists, and the longing to get back to the outdoors are the stories we all share. 

If for the past our travel itinerary hinges on our ability to stab an unknowing map with a finger while our eyes were closed, right now, we have nothing but time on our hands to plan our travels to get the most of our schedule and our trip.

Photo by Josh Hild from Pexels

And so, I have started searching for travel destinations and itineraries that could include some sort of art, craft, or creative workshop. This way, I get to tick boxes on both my travel and art goals checklist. 


With all that’s been happening lately, we all need a dose of New Zealand, don’t you think? I started poking around their tourism website and I found all these activities, itineraries, food to try, and places to visit but there is one activity that I am for sure putting on my list. (When this pandemic is all over, I am coming over!)

Photo by Bob Ward from Pexels

Weta Workshop Tours features quite an interesting list on their website. For those who travel looking for an opportunity to learn new creative skills like yours truly, tours by Weta Workshop is what we are looking for. 

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Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

Four words: Lord of the Rings. Ah, you remember! Yes, New Zealand is where parts of the famed trilogy were filmed and if you want photos with Gollum, you’ll get in Weta Cave.

More importantly, Weta Tours offers various workshops including the Weta Cave Workshop Tour, Miniature Effects Tour, Intro to Leather Chainmaille, Intro to Sculpting, and Intro to Special Effects Make-up. If you are like me who can’t decide which one to pick, yep, I guess we’ll see each other in the Full Experience tour!


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