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That Orange Empanada from the Philippines

You would spot an empanada from Ilocos even if you mix it in with a basket of regular empanadas. Ilocos is one of the most culture-rich regions in the Philippines.

Empanadas from Ilocos are famous for having a bright orange color which will truly stand out against other commercial empanadas. Yes, orange but it isn’t just the alluring color that sets the Ilocos empanada apart. Inside of the unique orange pocket of dough is a combination of ingredients that will surely satisfy not only hunger but your taste buds as well. Doesn’t that description just bring you back to the time when you were stuffing your face with empanada in Ilocos? — ah, I went from happy to hungry real quick!


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Ilocos Pride

They say you haven’t been to Ilocos until you have tried their signature empanada. So naturally, the first thing that any tourist would do the moment they set foot on Ilocos soil is to look for the famous yummy treat. So where is the best empanada in Ilocos? We did some digging. Some say Pagudpud, others say Vigan, some stand for Batac, and many other Ilocos towns were mentioned.

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Our conclusion: Ilocos empanada is Ilocos empanada. Your itinerary may be near the wind turbines, or down Crisologo street, as long as you’re in Ilocos, you’re in for a treat!

We say it’s a treat not only because of the yummy orange pocket but also for the stuffings. Yes, it depends on the chef what goes in the empanada, which is perfect because their personal touch makes the empanada stand out.


Still, there are standard ingredients used to make the famous orange empanada and the Ilocanos keep these standards close to their hearts. This means rice flour, achuete, egg, shredded green papaya, mongo sprouts, and some longganisa (sausage) will always be a staple.



Check out this cool mascot-statue of happy orange empanadas!

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