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This Landscape Hotel Lets You Experience Nature Beyond Expectations

Aside from the kind people and the excellent public services, Sweden features its natural scenic sights and unique architecture. The fact that it’s one of the best places to see the northern lights puts the country in everyone’s bucket list.

And sure, like any reasonable tourist, when you get there, you’ll tend to stay in a simple hotel and spend money on the attractions instead. But this landscape hotel in Harads will let you feel differently about choosing to stay in luxury hotels.

The Treehotel will let you stay in rooms where you can enjoy both the country’s views and its unique architecture. You will surely feel at home here while you’re away from all the noise of your busy life. Here, you can choose to stay in various themed rooms, like the ones below, where you can enjoy the northern lights.


The Mirrorcube

The Mirrorcube is exactly as it reads–a cube with walls made of mirrors.

A tree trunk is enclosed by an aluminum frame and grows through the room. The interior is boarded with light plywood. Three windows on the walls and ceilings help the guests enjoy the view while staying indoors.

These mirror walls beautifully match and reflect the surrounding trees, making it seemingly disappear in certain angles. And as if this wasn’t magical enough, the room also has a balcony that lets you go outside without being seen–stealth mode, on.

The Mirrorcube, featuring a double bed, a toilet, and a cozy seating area, is best for two guests.

The Bird’s Nest

Like the Mirrorcube, the Bird’s Nest room was designed to go with the vicinity. It features a giant treetop room that looks like a bird’s nest that allows you to have the privacy you need.

With the hatch in the floor and a ladder, the Bird’s Nest room will surely bring back those childhood memories in your treehouse.


The interior design is a contrast to the impression from the outside. As you enter the room, you will notice a remarkably bright but relaxing nesting place.

The room is a popular choice for families on vacation or for a group of four friends. It has one double bed and two single beds, which are curved to follow the shape of the walls, but are nonetheless comfortable. Cushioned seating by the windows are provided to help you and your loved ones cozy up while you enjoy the view.

The Cabin

The Cabin, which Treehotel considers as one of its most romantic rooms, has been a popular choice for couples to have proposals and sometimes, even their wedding vows.

It is shaped like a capsule atop a slope overlooking the Lule River valley. It hangs slightly tilted to give the room its own character and to give it the necessary volume as well. Because of its location and a long bridge leading up to it, the room seems like it is floating in mid-air.

In the middle of the room is a double bed, which complements the room’s romantic feel. By the high-altitude windows are some comfortable seating while you enjoy the forest and the river.

The 7th Room

The 7th Room, named so because it is Treehotel’s seventh and newest room, is designed for guests to have different experience levels. The underside of the room features a photo of the exact view of the trees before the room was built.

If you’re looking for the best room to see the northern lights, this is it. The room has panoramic windows facing the river valley and the northern lights. There are also skylight windows that will let you view the bright summer night sky comfortably.

In the middle of the room is a terrace with a net floor that allows you to see 10 meters below and a pine tree to grow naturally at the center. Transparent railings also allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of the Lule River Valley.

With two double beds and a sofa bed in two bedrooms, the 7th Room is perfect for a group of five. A automatic temperature-controlled fireplace helps the guests through cool winter nights, while a built in air conditioner through the summer.


While all the other rooms in the Treehotel lets you feel one with nature, this room gives you an out-of-this-world experience. To enter the room, you would have to climb up an electrically controlled collapsible ladder.

The room has a space-inspired interior with a starry sky in the ceiling and small windows that let the perfect amount of light in. And it’s not just the colors that makes you feel like you’re in space, but with the room being suspended by carefully selected durable wires and beams connected to the trees, you will feel the room–or is is the spacecraft–move.

The UFO is perfect for a family of five, or a group of traveling friends. It has one double bed and three single beds.

The Dragonfly

With a 15-meter ramp leading to the Dragonfly, this room is, like the Cabin, a popular option for proposals since the hotel’s opening in 2010.

Being the second largest room next to the 7th Room, the Dragonfly usually accommodates traveling groups, but is sometimes booked for small conferences of up to six people. The room has four beds in two bedrooms, one of which features a view of the Lule River Valley, and the other a view of the calming forest. And if that’s not enough, even the bathroom has its own view of the river and the pine trees.


The Blue Cone

With its charming simplicity, spaciousness, and beautiful view, the Blue Cone is a crowd favorite. It features a traditionally designed wooden construction with three pillars on that ground that accents its height.

The Blue Cone actually accents a bright red exterior, which poses an obvious question to the Treehotel’s guests. As it was designed, the architect started to call it the Blue Cone, but, in the end, decided to go with red–a color he thought was so beautiful, which would be better accented being a room that’s neighboring the Mirrorcube.

With an extended sloping ramp, the room is easily accessible to travelers who have disabilities.

The room is designed for four people. It has one double bed with views accented by a mirror behind it, and two single beds situated on a loft.

The Guesthouse

To complete the Treehotel’s line of welcoming stays is the Guesthouse. With that homey feel from the 30s to the 50s, the Guesthouse awaits after a long day of exploration.

This is the perfect place to plan the day ahead, come back after all the activities, and plan the next day again. Its natural surroundings will let you listen to the Lule River’s flowing waters and enjoy the warmth from the fireplace.

The Guesthouse has six rooms with 12 beds, each room having an internet connection.

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