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The 5 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

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It’s not just about paying for expensive services, but these luxurious stays have advantages too. And whether you do it for your love of design or for safety, this list will prove that staying at a luxury hotel is an experience everyone should have.

#1 Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

At a construction cost of about $3billion, Emirates Palace has 394 grand rooms and suites that are so luxurious, the place will make you feel like royalty.

To cater to traveling businessmen, they have 40 meeting and conference rooms. And for those people who love the water, they have a white sand beach and some pools and fountains. Additionally, Emirates Palace also has two spas that will satisfy your relaxation needs.

Designed with marble imported from different countries and decorated with at least 1,000 chandeliers made of Swarovski glass, the hotel showcases a mix of traditional and modern vibe.


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