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Must Haves If You’re Planning to Travel in a Trailer

What’s better than just driving around in a car with your loved ones, traveling to new places, and discovering new sites?  That’s easy–traveling in a trailer with your loved ones.

Of course, with the obvious advantage of comfort and convenience, there are a number of reasons why we recommend traveling in a trailer.

But it won’t be the travel experience you expect if your trailer travel gear is not complete.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of items you must have to make every spot in the world your vacation destination:

#1 First Aid Kit

You want to travel in a trailer.  At this point, you already know the cardinal rule of life–safety first.  But in case you get into something unfortunate, it’s best to at least have the tools to address your problem.  After all, you will be on the road most of the time and driving to the outskirts, where hospitals are too far.

Having a first aid kit is like having those oversized jeans in your closet.  You hope you don’t have to need it but you’re grateful that it’s there when you need it.

#2 A Quiet and Efficient Generator

When you’re on the road and all you can hear is the loudest buzz that your generator gives you, it could seriously kill the mood.  And while having that power supply within reach is a necessity, you need to make sure that your power generator does not ruin your vacation.  After all, you’re going on vacation to relax, right?

If all you want to do is lay on the grass, watch the stars, and listen to the soft wind, but you can’t, then it’s time to get rid of your old generator and get a low noise type.  To some people, this may sound like it’s just some luxury item, but it’s not.  

Getting yourself an efficient low noise generator will definitely transform your experience.

#3 Surge Protector

So you already have a good generator installed.  That’s not the end of it–you need a surge protector.

The number one rule in camping–and in almost all areas of life–is to prioritize safety.  Of course, you already know that power supply in a trailer is not the most stable in the world.  And while power dropouts may annoy you, protecting your equipment from power surges is what you should be worried about.

This is why a surge protector is necessary.  Without it, a sudden power surge will most likely cause damage to the electrical system of your trailer.  Having a surge protector will ease your worry by preventing dangerous power levels in the system.

#4 Jack Pads

Wherever your destination may be, being on level ground is very important when camping out on a trailer.  But how do you know when nature just won’t cooperate? There’s no telling how soft the ground will be until you get there.

Well, if you’re going camping, you better go prepared.  Jack pads will spread the load to avoid sinking even on soft grass and soil.  

#5 Fridge Braces

When you travel, whether you’re in your car, or on a bus, or in your trailer, things move around.  No matter how careful the driver is, those ice boxes filled with beer and those bags full of clothes will move around.  This is no different from driving a trailer, with of course a fridge inside.

And no, it’s not just about your ‘OCD’ but this is also about not wanting broken glass everywhere, or spilled food, or whatnot.  

The solution to this is simple, and not to mention, cheap.  Using fridge braces will help you secure shelves and bottles, and any other items you put in the fridge.

#6 Camping Chairs

You love camping, yes.  But let’s face it, sitting on the cold grass is not that comfortable.  Having a set of foldable tables and chairs will help you get to that relaxation state without having to sit on the floor and worry about what kind of bugs are biting you.

#7 A Trailer Cover

Why?  Because trust us, if you really plan to travel great distances in a trailer, you are going to experience a variety of weather.  Sometimes, you’ll see hot and dusty places, while other times, you’ll be going to muddy places.  

And when you get to these places, you’ll find yourself thinking that having a trailer cover is the most useful thing in the world.  Plus, when you start traveling, you will want to treat your trailer like it’s a really cozy version of a luxury car.

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