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Top 5 Budget-Friendly US Cities for Post-Pandemic Road Trips

After months and months of travel restrictions, uncertainties, and just outright pandemonium, it will be nice to get out on the open road and explore some of the most beautiful cities the continental U.S. has to offer.

And don’t worry, if the unlimited online shopping has you a little strapped for cash, we’ve compiled a short list of the top five most budget-friendly cities for you and your closest friends to explore.

  • Fort Worth, Texas

The fact that Fort Worth is still catching up to it’s neighboring cities allows this rustic, yet modern city to remain affordable for those with a compass heading south. The city has tons to offer, from shopping to stockyards as well as classic country cuisine and even longhorn cattle. You will undoubtedly enjoy every second you spend in this Lonestar State gem of a city.

  • Kansas City, Missouri

If your plans take you through the midwest, then good ol’ KCMO would definitely be a valuable stop along the way. Kansas City also has a whole lot to offer. You can park your car and jump on the free street car heading to the River Market district and explore the City Market, a farmers’ market lined with restaurants. You could also hit the Boulevard Brewing Company for a budget-friendly $5 tour. But if that’s not your thing, the city is also home to several sports franchises and also boasts zoos and museums. Either way, your itinerary will be packed!

  • Tucson, Arizona

If you feel like heading southwest, then Tucson is just the place to fit your budgetary needs. Tucson boasts plenty of activities for the adventurer in side us all. You can enjoy long hikes while snapping shots of the natural beauty the area has to offer. Not a fan of walking? You can also visit Tucson’s historical landmarks, and the 131-mile Loop biking trail.

  • Louisville, Kentucky

If it’s the east that’s calling your name, you might want to venture into the Bluegrass State right across the river from Ohio. Take some time to visit the Kentucky Derby Museum and the Speed Art Museum. It doesn’t cost a thing to hang out in Cherokee Park, a nearly 400-acre park designed by the same landscape architect who designed Central Park in NYC. Louisville also offers its fair share of museums, art galleries, and delicious food. Looking for a free ride? The first Friday of every month offers a free bus to downtown where you can explore all day.

  • Raleigh, North Carolina

If you feel like heading just a little bit more south, then this fine mountain city is most definitely a destination of choice. Raleigh offers the best of outdoors and city exploring. Hike trails at Jordan Lake and Umstead State Park or walk around the Warehouse District stopping in art galleries, boutiques and restaurants. Either way you go, you’re bound to enjoy yourself.

If you still aren’t intrigued by any of these budget-friendly destinations, we’ll go ahead and round out the top 10 for you. Here’s a few honorable mentions that you may, or may not, have already considered.

  1. Dublin, Ohio
  2. Syracuse, New York
  3. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  4. Ithaca, New York
  5. St. George, Utah

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