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Here’s Why Glamping is the Way to Go

Glamping is the easy combination of the two words that define it—glamorous camping. And it is what it is; it is a modern version of traditional camping, but with less hassle.

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With glamping, you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, which is definitely good for the brain. Spending time outdoors also boosts your mood and improves your health.

In addition to this, here are more reasons why glamping is good for you:

#1 It’s relaxing

This is the main difference between traditional camping and glamping. When you go glamping, you can sleep on a real bed—far more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, asking your body to follow the shape of your tent.

On top of this, let’s not forget about real bathrooms. Though some might say that it’s not a big deal, most people would prefer to do their business in actual bathrooms. For most people, the less than ideal setup of a camper’s bathroom is a turn off and is the reason why they dislike the idea of camping.

Finally, a big plus is having electrical outlets, which is one of the most important things everyone looks for during vacation. This way, you’re a bit off grid, but not really.

#2 You get to enjoy the location

Whether it’s for your love of nature, or to simply get your mind off work, glamping does it for you.

Now, this is the difference between going to usual hotels and going glamping. With glamping, you get to enjoy nature, or the beachfront, or the view of a mountain range right when you step out your glamping tent.

Aetas Glamping, Palawan, Philippines

#3 It’s affordable

Let’s state the obvious—glamping is less expensive than checking in at a hotel or a resort. Of course, when you go glamping, you will no longer pay for the overhead costs you usually pay for at a hotel or a resort.

Now the not obvious—glamping is also cheaper than traditional camping. While you might think that traditional camping seemingly doesn’t cost you anything, you actually have to buy your tent and other camping gear. So in total, glamping is indeed less expensive than traditional camping.

#4 It’s sustainable

In our effort to gear towards sustainable tourism, glamping gives us the perfect opportunity. When you go glamping, you’re not just promoting oneness with nature, you’re also already doing it.

Most glamping options make use of low cost materials for construction. This includes upcycled and recycled materials.

#5 You can do it even with zero camping experience

A tent, a sleeping bag, a portable stove, and most of all, scout skills—these are what you need when you go camping. But go glamping and this lack of materials and skills won’t be a problem. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the view.

Thinking of going glamping? Check out these awesome glamping destinations.

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