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LIST: Coronavirus Update

The following data are consolidated from various sources as indicated.

Confirmed cases140
Cases tested negative638
Cases pending test results72
Laboratory Status of Patients in the Philippines
(as of 15 March 2020; 12:00 PM) Source: DOH
Status of Patients in the Philippines
(as of 15 March 2020; 12:00 PM)

Confirmed Cases in the Philippines

For live global updates, visit this link.

CASEAge | SexNationalityHistory of Travel / ExposureHealth Facility Admitted
PH1F|38ChineseYes (China); Wife of PH2San Lazaro Hospital
PH2M|44ChineseYes (China); Husband of PH1San Lazaro Hospital
PH3F|60ChineseYes (China)San Lazaro Hospital
PH4M|48FilipinoYes (Japan)Research Institute of Tropical Medicine
PH5M|62FilipinoHusband of PH6Research Institute of Tropical Medicine
PH6F|59FilipinoWife of PH5Research Institute of Tropical Medicine
PH7M|38TaiwaneseNo Travel History; Contact of FN2Makati Medical Center
PH8M|32FilipinoYes (Japan)St. Luke’s Medical City-Taguig
PH9M|86AmericanYes (USA, Korea)The Medical City
PH10M|57FilipinoNoneSan Lazaro Hospital
PH11M|72FilipinoNoneThe Medical City
PH12M|56FilipinoNoneMakati Medical Center
PH13M|34FilipinoYes (Australia)Makati Medical Center
PH14M|46FilipinoNoneMakati Medical Center
PH15M|24FilipinoYes (UAE)Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium
PH16M|70FilipinoHusband of PH17Research Institute of Tropical Medicine
PH17F|69FilipinoWife of PH16Research Institute of Tropical Medicine
PH18M|41FilipinoTaiwan; Husband of PH19San Lazaro Hospital
PH19F|46FilipinoWife of PH18San Lazaro Hospital
PH20M|48FilipinoYes. JapanResearch Institute of Tropical Medicine
PH21F|58FilipinoNoneDr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium
PH22F|51FilipinoNoneCardinal Santos Medical Center
PH23F|30FilipinoNoneSan Lazaro Hospital
PH24M|52FilipinoSwitzerlandSt. Luke’s Medical City-QC
PH25M|31FilipinoDiamond Princess Cruise ShipJose B. Lingad Memorial Regional Hospital
PH26M|34FilipinoDiamond Princess Cruise ShipJose B. Lingad Memorial Regional Hospital
PH27F|42Filipino(Household of PH9) Niece of PH9The Medical City
PH28M|69Filipino(Household of PH9) Husband of PH30The Medical City
PH29F|82Filipino(Household of PH9) Wife of PH9The Medical City
PH30F|69Filipino(Household of PH9) Wife of PH28The Medical City
PH31F|28FilipinoWith Exposure History to a known COVID-19 caseThe Medical City
PH32M|64FilipinoNoneThe Medical City
PH33M|60FilipinoNoneRizal Medical Center on March 10
PH34M|72FilipinoHusband of PH35Manila Doctors Hospital
PH35F|67FilipinoWife of PH34Manila Doctors Hospital
PH36M|53FilipinoNoneLas Piñas General Hospital
PH37F|88FilipinoNonePhilippine Heart Center
PH38M|29FilipinoWith Exposure History to a known COVID-19 caseCardinal Santos Medical Center
PH39M|64FilipinoWent to GreenhillsAce Dumaguete Doctors Inc
PH40M|54FilipinoNoneNorthern Mindanao Medical Center
PH41F|75FilipinoUSAMakati Medical Center
PH42M|51FilipinoTaipei, TaiwanThe Medical City
PH43M|47FilipinoWife is Sister of PH12Research Institute of Tropical Medicine
PH44F|70FilipinoNoneMakati Medical Center
PH45M|27FilipinoWith Exposure History to a known COVID-19 caseMakati Medical Center
PH46F|66FilipinoNoneSt. Luke’s Medical Center-QC
PH47M|53FilipinoFor ValidationSt. Luke’s Medical Center-QC
PH48M|57FilipinoWith Exposure History to a known COVID-19 caseSt. Luke’s Medical Center-QC
PH49M|72FilipinoNoneAsian Hospital and Medical Center
PH50F|69FilipinoNoneThe Medical City
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For live global updates, visit this link.

PH51M|26FilipinoNoneMakati Medical Center
PH52F|79FilipinoUnited KingdomAsian Hospital and Medical Center
PH53M | 30FilipinoFor validationThe Medical City
PH54M | 40FilipinoNoneOrtigas Hospital and Health Care Center
PH55F | 59For validationFor validationCardinal Santos Medical Center
PH56M | 41For validationFor validationSt. Luke’s Medical Center-Global City
PH57M | 65For validationFor validationThe Medical City
PH58F | 45FilipinoNoneThe Medical City
PH59M | 27For validationFor validationMakati Medical Center
PH60M | 49For ValidationFor validationSt. Luke’s Medical center-Global City
PH61F | 70For validationFor validationUniversity of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center
PH62F | 35For validationFor validationOrtigas Hospital and Health Care Center
PH63M | 33FilipinoNoneMarikina Valley Medical Center
PH64M | 32For ValidationFor validationBataan St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center
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