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Travel Restrictions Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

After the declaration of a state of public health emergency last weekend, a number of travel restrictions have unfortunately been imposed for travelers.

Here’s a list of countries that have restrictions on the Philippines, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs:

Coronavirus is across the globe (Photo: Pixabay)

1. Saudi Arabia

Except for Filipinos who hold visas for employment, work and business visits, as well as family visits, entry to Saudi Arabia is temporarily barred. This is for holders of Umrah visas and tourist visas.

This restriction was imposed for the Philippines being one of the countries that pose a high risk of spreading the virus.

2. Kuwait

Flights between the Gulf state and the Philippines, along with six other countries, have been suspended from March 6 to March 12, 2020.

3. Cook Islands

The Cook Islands in the South Pacific will be having weekly reviews of coronavirus cases in each country. Travelers from countries with declared cases within the past 14 days will not be allowed to enter the Cook Islands. This now includes the Philippines.

4. Qatar

Beginning March 9, all travelers coming from countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus within the past 14 days will not be allowed to enter Doha.

5. Israel and Palestine

All tourists are temporarily banned from entering the West Bank, Including Bethlehem and Jericho, as well as those travelers going to Bethlehem from Israel.

6. Nepal

Starting March 7, visa on arrival facility for tourists has been temporarily suspended.

7. Fiji

Travelers planning to go on cruise ships to Fiji will be asked to undergo medical and travel history checks at the ports in Suva or Lautoka.

8. Seychelles

Travelers from countries with confirmed coronavirus cases within the last 14 days, and entering Seychelles through marine vessels will not be allowed entry to the country.

Of course, in the interest of the health of Filipinos, the country has an ongoing travel ban for travelers from China, including Hong Kong and Macau, and travelers from North Gyeongsang in South Korea.

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