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Kawa Hot Baths Are Hot Right Now

It’s almost summer and Kawa Hot Baths will only make this season hotter!

Locally translated, “kawa” refers to a large flat cooking pan that slightly resembles a wok. Kawa Hot Baths are tourist attractions found in the Philippines, where you, as the name implies, bathe in a kawa. And yes, that’s while the kawa sits on fire.

Fantasy Lodge, Cebu

How hot is hot?

Taking kawa hot baths are like taking a dip in hot springs–you need to make sure that your body is ready for it. Because the heating mechanism is through direct contact with fire, the temperature will rise gradually.

Ideally, the water should be near as warm as our normal body temperature, that’s 37 degrees Celsius. But the range is typically from 36 to 40 degrees Celsius.

And just like our regular baths, we need to let our body gently get a feel of the water first before quickly jumping into it.

Campers Love Paradise, Antipolo, Rizal

Why get into the trend?

Aside from taking those nice, perfectly instagrammable photos, getting into a kawa hot bath gives additional benefits.

  1. It helps detoxify your body
    Kawa hot baths help your muscles and pores relax and in turn, remove toxins from your body. Introducing your body to high temperatures can actually help relieve a feeling of congestion and other cold and flu symptoms. This is why our body naturally draws a fever whenever these symptoms appear.

  2. It relaxes the mind and body
    Most people who travel do so to get away from the hustle of work and the city life. Taking a kawa hot bath will do exactly this. Using lavender for your hot bath relaxes your mind, helping you cope with your problems at a better state of mind.

    It’s relaxing effect is also why most adrenaline junkies look for sites with kawa hot baths after a thrilling adventure.

  3. It helps moisturize the skin
    With the herbs and essential oils added to your hot bath, there is no need to stay in the bath for too long to treat your dry skin. The essential oils will do their job, and give you smooth, moisturized skin.

Ready to get into a kawa hot bath? Check out our list of destinations with the unique experience here.

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