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Hinulugang Taktak Reopens With Attractions You’ll Love

Of course, we’ve heard of it when we were young. We’ve heard our elders sing that undoubtedly inviting Antipolo song.

Hinulugang Taktak’s sad past
Yet, most of us still haven’t seen it’s beauty despite that fact that it is but an hour away from the Metro. This is due to the sad fate it came to from poor waste management and lack of sewage treatment systems about 20 years ago. It was then closed for rehabilitation in 2010.

Reopening after its rehabilitation
in 2015, the new and improved tourist spot has cottages for rent at an affordable daily rate of 500 pesos. They also have a swimming pool that you can freely use for a small fee of 50 pesos. The authorities also built an elevator to cater to senior citizens and people with disabilities.

This year, when everyone is crazy about traveling, it is but perfect timing that Hinulugang Taktak is once again open for tourism. Antipolo Mayor, Jun-Andeng Ynares posted on facebook just recently, announcing the reopening of the destination, just in time before summer.

The park will feature a giant spider web, some hanging bridges, and wall climbing attractions, among others.


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