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What Does It Take to Win a Stay at the Cheese Suite?

Cheese lovers! This is an alert! Café Rouge is giving away a once in a lifetime one-night stay at the Cheese Suite.

The Cheese Suite is a pop up hotel in London, built by Café Rouge, and yes, it is as it sounds, cheese-themed. From the walls, to the bed, and the room decor, the room is full of cheese-inspired material to tickle the imaginary taste buds of any cheese lover.

Café Rouge is giving away one night’s stay in a room for two to 9 lucky winners. During their stay there, the winners get to call for the cheese hotline delivery service, indulge in a minibar stacked with cheese and wine, and of course enjoy the amenities of the hotel. In addition to this, they are giving away a Café Rouge Gift Card worth £50 that each winner can spend anytime and anywhere they would like.

And it is easy to get in the game. All it takes is to answer one simple question on their website. And if you read their instructions carefully, you’ll know where to get the answer.

The Cheese Suite is located in Camden, London, a known travel destination and culture-rich town in the capital of England.

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