Most Exciting Things to Do in Singapore

As most of us are already aware, Singapore is among the top travel destinations for Philippine passport holders. One of the biggest perks of traveling to Singapore as a Filipino is that the country does not require you to purchase a visa. You can legally stay and explore this beautiful country for a whole 30 days.

But what is there to do in Singapore you say? I’m glad you asked!

Here is a list of the most exciting, intriguing, and outright amazing things to do while in the Lion City.

Explore the Changi Airport and Discover the Jewel
As any travel destination should, your amazing experience in Singapore starts before you even leave the airport! Changi airport has been voted as the World’s Best Airport for seven consecutive years, and for good reason. The entire airport is centered around an exquisite recreational complex known appropriately as the “Jewel”. This area boasts various eateries, shopping centers, and even gardens and parks. So whether you explore this exciting area as you enter, or before you leave country, just be sure to make time for it.

Enjoy the Local Culture
What better way to learn about a new culture than to explore through the city streets and local neighborhoods? Singapore has tons of great areas to stroll through while interacting with the Singaporean people. You can start in the Chinatown district and make your way to Orchard Road, the more pristine and upscale part of Singapore. There you can enjoy flashy restaurants or just walk along Marina Bay, Singapore’s most beautiful evening skyline.

Taste the Cuisine While Overlooking the City at the Singapore Flyer
Standing at an amazing 541 feet, the Singapore Flyer is one of the tallest observation wheels in the world. One complete revolution takes about half an hour, and you will be able to see as far as your eyes will allow you. Not to mention, you can enjoy some fine dining at the same time.

Enjoy the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo
Under the disguise of night, you and your family will be transported around this enormous zoo, spotting animals from all over the world. This is probably one of the best experiences available for children and adults alike.

Visit Sentosa Island 
Sentosa Island, the self-proclaimed best place to go in Singapore, will leave you nodding your head in agreement. The magnificent  island offers miles of sandy beaches, golf courses, theme parks, water parks and a lot of other incredible attractions.

Experience the Gardens by the Bay
Marina Bay Waterfront is comprised of three distinct areas; Bay East Garden, Bay South Garden, and Bay Central Garden. These areas have brought Singapore some high accolades including the luxurious Best Attraction in the Asia Pacific in 2015 from Travel Weekly. The Flower Dome in the Bay South Garden is a must-see when visiting Gardens by the Bay. In 2015, the Flower Dome broke the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest glass greenhouse and is home to plants and flowers from five continents, including olive trees that are over a thousand years old. During the day, the vegetation’s natural colors delight the eyes while at night, they become an illuminated spectacle at that’ll leave you in awe.

Singapore is a gorgeous place that would require multiple visits to fully appreciate its magnificence. The good news is, planning an incredible trip like this couldn’t be any easier now that travel agencies like C&C Travel Hub are available.

We take away all the hustles of traveling like booking flights and hotels leaving you to fully immerse yourself in the experience that awaits.

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