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Take This River Cruise in Dagupan While It’s Free

A few days ago, the Dagupan City government aimed to target more tourist attractions by reopening the Dawel River Cruise, which takes travelers from Dawel River to Watac-Mamalingling.

The river cruise will be carried out through a thatched-roofed boat that can take a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 passengers per 45-minute ride.

Dagupan City tourism officer Rose Teng-Mejia announced last Monday, December 30, that the attraction is open from 9am until 4pm. As a trial run, taking the ride will be free for the meantime and customers can simply walk in without any prior registration. Mejia also painted a glimpse of what to expect during the ride. “We are pinpointing for location of food stops and souvenir stops along the route,” Mejia said, “and we are planning to add other amenities to offer the tourists, such as the dry massage, among others.”

Dagupan City Mayor Marc Biran Lim described the ride as a very relaxing experience and gave an informative glimpse of the ride as well. “You will feel you are one with Dagupan City; one with God; one with nature. The cruise includes a visit to the historic pillar of the then Philippine National Railways where our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal used to ride when visiting Leonora Rivera here in Dagupan City,” Lim said. He also encouraged his fellow Dagupeños to invite their friends to visit the city. “We need to bring more tourists because it is one way to boost [the] economy as we will also be helping [the] unemployed in our city,” he said

Along with the relaunching of the Dawel River Cruise is the city government’s initiative to distribute 85 out of 233 non-motorized boats to fishermen all over the city, as well as the release of 10,000 shrimp (ulang), 5,000 molobias tilapia and 200 sea bass by the National Integrated Fisheries Technology Development Center into the Dawel River.

The city government has already begun promotion of the attraction on their website.


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