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DOT Partners With International Media to Promote Tourism in the Philippines

This year, the Department of Tourism aimed to have 8.2 million tourist arrivals by the end of December. And with an impressive count of 6.16 million from January to September, the DOT declared themselves confident that the Philippines will meet their set goal.

Ang ganda ng mga reports na natatanggap namin; that’s why we’re confident that we can reach 8.2 million (We’re receiving good reports; that’s why we’re confident that we can reach the 8.2 million),” DOT Undersecretary Benito Bengzon Jr. said on Monday.

To further boost this number, the DOT has also decided to partner up with a number of internationally known media like CNN, Fox News, Discovery Channel, and some others. The promotion will be done continuously with the material being changed every other month, as Assistant Secretary for Branding and Marketing Communications Howard Lance Uyking explained in an interview.

Right now, the DOT is targeting Western countries due to their noticeable appreciation of the Philippines, its weather and its beautiful, relaxing beaches.

The DOT also plans to appeal to the young by airing some advertisements in a number of kid’s channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. “We are also exploring placement in kid’s channels as we are trying to promote the Philippines as a family destination,” Uyking said.


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